Service and Support

Project Planning: Feasibility and Implementation

During the planning stage of your project, we offer you any support for special tasks and will gladly advise your employees that are tasked with finding a solution:

  • System analysis, thorough analysis of the tasks at your site
  • Preliminary inspection by means of samples
  • Comprehensive feasibility study
  • Field trials
  • Development of solution concepts
  • Qualification of different solution approaches

Remote Maintenance

Not every service case requires a visit from a technician on site. In many cases, we can help you directly from here via remote maintenance. This reduces the reaction time and simplifies the data transfer. Thus, a faster analysis leads to a quicker solution.

Remote Maintenance Tool

We use TeamViewer as remote maintenance tool.
This software enables us to access your system quickly and safely after just one download and a few mouse clicks.

On-Site Assignments

Sometimes phone support and remote maintenance are not sufficient, e.g. when it comes to exchanging spare parts. In these cases, we will send one of our technicians who will help you on site.