Surface Inspection

The contactless surface inspection has all but revolutionized quality assurance in production processes in recent years. Technologically advanced sensors and sophisticated evaluation strategies enable both the realization of simple inspection tasks and the 100% inspection of demanding functional parts for defects in the µm range.

As a pioneer on the field of surface inspection, it is our goal to find the economically and technologically perfect solution based on the requirements of the customer. Beside experience and know-how, finding the best solution also requires access to state-of-the-art products. We put a strategic focus on surface inspection with our innovative hardware and software products. Furthermore, we also offer our customers the chance to use insights from inspection for the optimization of the upstream production process.

Whether it's the inspection of moving continuous material, the surface inspection of more than 300 components per minute on a glass rotary plate, or the inspection of different areas at a motor block by a robot – SAC inspection systems are perfectly tailored to your production and handling process.

We combine our own high-tech products with high-quality third-party components into high-tech solutions that give our customers a decisive lead over the competition.

The Highlights at a Glance:

  • Uncompromisingly designed for the 100% detection of specified defect characteristics
  • Stable and objective defect classification in 2D, 2.5D, and 3D
  • Process stability
  • Minimized pseudo-ejection rate
  • Robust and suitable for industrial use
  • Easy operability for users (customizable user interface)
  • Flexibility and extendibility
  • Enormous rationalization potential
  • Virtual acceptance/release on stored image catalog
  • Sophisticated storage of image material for documentation
  • Pre-configured reference part run
  • Inspection of sealing surfaces, biting edges e.g. at precision turned parts, processed surfaces of cast parts, adhesive beads, rubber parts
  • Inspection of free-form surfaces e.g. of membranes (pressure membranes, pumping membranes), bellows, calottes, profiled parts
  • Sheet material inspection (technical fabrics, filters, foil)
  • Roughness measurement
  • Inspection of inner walls, treads
  • Display control
  • Print image inspection
  • Coake® surface inspection algorithms
  • Deep learning, neural networks
  • Statistical evaluation procedures
  • Separation efficiency procedures
  • Process validation in attributive inspection
  • Bosch booklet 10
  • VDI/VDE/VDMA 2632 Blatt 3
  • Surface inspection system for integration
  • Surface inspection system incl. system integration inline – perfectly embedded in the production process
  • Customer-specific turnkey solution – Surface inspection machine incl. component handling
SAC solutions for surface inspection are especially suited for industries with a high part throughput and high quality requirements.
  • Shape from Shading (patented reference system trevista®)
  • Structured-light projection (Pulsar)
  • White light interferometry
  • Laser triangulation
  • Stereo
  • Deflectometry

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