2D/3D Measuring

The requirements for quality, and thus quality control, in industrial production are increasing steadily. Sample inspection is out of date in modern production. Today, components must be inspected fast, extremely precisely, and 100%. We have the ideal, tailored solution for measuring parts of any type. Look to optical quality control by SAC – inline, touchless, and 100%.

No matter what type of components you produce – measuring is a breeze with our systems since we put great emphasis on easy operability combined with the highest inspection quality. Our hardware range covers all possible areas of application, and our machine vision software Coake® 7 sets new standards in terms of functionality and operability – in 2D or 3D.

With our solutions for 2D measuring of components, slip and pseudo-ejection are a thing of the past. Dimensional inspection characteristics, such as the length of a part, the diameter of bores, angles, etc., can be measured precisely with our technology; with our powerful coaxial inspection systems, we achieve the highest accuracy down to the µm range. Feasibility studies in advance and the measurement system analysis on site make sure that the system is perfectly tailored to your inspection tasks.

Our systems enable comprehensive process monitoring, easy and precise calibration, and the traceability of measurements. Our modern software platform Coake® 7 supports you in all these tasks. With our front-end designer, you can create your own user interface, tailored exactly to your task. The front end enables you to access all inspection characteristics and measuring results even during the inspection process.

Inspection specification management and measurement correction are also integrated. New inspection quantities can be taught in an instant, and the flexible extensibility of both our hardware and software systems make you fit for any future tasks.

You produce geometrically sophisticated parts? In a time when components become ever more complex, yet at the same time ever smaller, conventional inspection methods often reach their limits. While a few years ago two-dimensional or tactile measuring systems were still sufficient, today you need systems and methods that are able to measure all three dimensions without touch.

With our solutions in 3D image processing, the measuring of complex components is no longer a problem. We have a broad range of modern 3D sensors that use different scanning methods:

  • Laser line triangulation (e.g. 3D sensors from SmartRay, SICK Ranger)
  • Structured light (e.g. SAC Pulsar)
  • White-light interferometry (e.g. 3D-Shape KORAD)

This means that we can always apply the technology that suits your task best and offer you a tailored solution for your 3D quality control.

Our modern machine vision software Coake® 7 combines the best of 2D and 3D. All 2D algorithms can also be applied to 3D images. This means that practical knowledge from classic 2D image processing can be applied to 3D inspection tasks without problems, and you don't need to delve into subjects such as 3D point clouds, voxels, etc. Thus, the solution is always easily comprehensible and, if needed, also adjustable and extensible.

Coake® 7 offers you the optimum solution for repeating coordinate measuring tasks. The integrated virtual coordinate measuring machine (VCMM) can be incorporated into the production inline and combined with different imaging sensors.

This provides the following benefits:

  • Inspection of position, height, or coplanarity
  • Graphic inspection specification editor
  • Visualization of measurement results
  • Matching of results and tracing of parts across machines

The example of the inline inspection of plug connectors demonstrates the high performance of our systems:

  • Inspection of contact or solder side
  • Multi-pole connectors with hundreds of pins can be inspected at second intervals.
  • Even contacts with a high gloss level can be inspected reliably by means of structured light.

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