Completeness Check

A screw, a spring, or an assembly part can easily get lost – with potentially fatal consequences. Compact and cost-saving image-processing systems can guarantee and document the correct placement of parts quickly and efficiently. In addition, work procedures can be guided by image processing, which can help the worker enormously.

SAC offers machine vision solutions for completeness check and assembly control. The standard conformity of components can already be monitored during the assembly process , and in case of a defect, the respective part can be discharged for post-processing.

For the typical requirements of a completeness check, we have created a smart solution package that can be quickly integrated electrically and mechanically into the production line. The solution is focused on easy operability of the system and on the possibility to change or expand the system quickly on site.

Whether they are already considered at the planning stage or integrated into an existing production process later – SAC inspection systems are perfectly tailored to your production and handling process.

The Coake® 7 software is the perfect basis for our high-performance solutions for completeness checks. Perfectly tailored hardware components and hundreds of successfully solved tasks for renowned manufacturing companies are the basis for a professional solution to your task.

The Highlights at a Glance:

  • Powerful and universal image-processing software in the background – in contrast to simple vision sensors, this means (almost) unlimited solution possibilities.
  • Hardware components perfectly tailored to the software
  • All standard interfaces to the PLC pre-configured
  • Robust and cost-saving hardware designed for industrial use
  • Assembly control, guidance
  • Completeness check during placement of electronic components
  • Completeness check of assemblies
  • Coake® 7 completeness algorithms
  • Deep learning, neural networks
  • Statistical evaluation procedures
  • Separation efficiency procedures
  • Process validation in attributive inspection
  • Bosch booklet 10
  • VDI/VDE/VDMA 2632 Blatt 3
  • Inspection system for integration (by the customer)
  • Inspection system incl. system integration inline – perfectly embedded in the production process
  • SAC solutions for completeness checks are especially suited for industries that require flexibility due to different variants and expandability of the system in case of additional inspection tasks in the future.
  • Bundle VisionCube – Coake® 7
  • Bundle Coake® CAM