Barcode and Data Matrix Code Identification

The use of 1D or 2D codes makes it easier to identify information and data on a product or component.

With our identification solutions you can recognize and verify all common barcodes and 2D data matrix codes as well as QR codes. 2D codes can carry a wealth of information and are highly resistant to damage. Therefore, they are often used for the direct marking of components. With our solutions, 2D codes can be read reliably even on shiny surfaces and in difficult application scenarios such as heavy pollution or damage, low contrast, or distortion of the codes.

The downstream data management of our software Coake® 7 ensures the complete cataloging of the identified codes, which is paramount for the logistics of a company.

Possible Applications

  • Tracing of batches
  • Cataloging according to type and date
  • Product tracking during production
  • Parts identification
  • Enables allocation of the products in the warehouse

Optical Character Recognition / Optical Character Verification

With our OCR solutions you can reliably recognize and verify any character sets and fonts. Teaching in new fonts or symbols is easy thanks to the intuitive menu navigation of our image-processing software Coake® 7. The software calculates quality indicators based on grayscale and geometrical comparisons of the markers localized in the image. Faults in contrast, position, or shape are thus reliably detected.

Possible Applications

  • Recognition or verification of marks
  • Recognition or verification of labels and packaging
  • Reading of short texts printed on components (serial numbers, expiry dates, batch numbers, etc.)
  • Product identification for traceability

Our OCR Solutions – Your Benefits

  • Easy operability of the software, no programming skills required
  • Visualization of measurement results
  • Wide range of functions, tools, and inspection algorithms that are tailored to the requirements of automated 100% inspection