trevista® SWIFT

The trevista® sensor system is based on the patented shape-from-shading technology and is perfect for the inspection of technical and decorative surfaces in industrial environments.

Thanks to the integrated controller, trevista® SWIFT is particularly space-saving and can be easily integrated into existing production processes via the GigE interface. The compact unit is equipped with a 5MP high-speed camera (10GigE) plus lens and is ready for immediate use.

Benefit from the outstanding trevista® image quality at the optimum price-performance ratio.

The Product Highlights:

  • Easy and fast integration
  • Space-saving and compact thanks to integrated controller
  • Reliable detection of bad parts based on the topographic information obtained in the µm range
  • Testing of surfaces in motion 
  • Best possible lighting inclination range
  • Maximum brightness and maximum protection from extraneous light
  • Full resolution without field limitation or speed reduction
  • Unbeatable price-performance ratio for glass turntable surface inspection

Shape from Shading: See What´s Really There

SAC’s unique ‘Shape from Shading’ technology deduces information on the three-dimensional shape of an object from the shading of its surface. A special algorithm calculates high-quality result images in an instant. This enables surface inspection even with large quantities.

The perfect image – step by step:
The slope images in x and y direction detect shape deviations with a preferred direction. The direction-independent integration image contains additional topographical information. It can be used to show elevations and depressions. The texture image identifies the brightness properties of the surface.

trevista® SWIFT – Your Advantages in Detail

  • Easy and fast integration (concept based on matrix camera)
  • Space-saving and compact thanks to integrated controller
  • Position tracking linear or on circular path
  • “Ready-to-use” bundle
  • Unbeatable price-performance ratio

  • Reliable detection of bad parts based on the topographic information obtained in the µm range
  • Minimization of pseudo-rejects
  • Testing of curved surfaces
  • Stable testing at different gloss levels
  • Suppression of brightness fluctuations and gloss effects if necessary
  • High part throughput – short amortization
  • Capture 40 trevista® frames per second at full 5 MP resolution
  • Image material of parts in motion 
  • “Ready-to-use” bundle
  • Unbeatable price-performance ratio