trevista® CAM

trevista® CAM is the intelligent camera for Shape from Shading. The system is preconfigured so all you need to do is unpack, connect, and inspect. trevista® CAM delivers inspection results that outshine many a high-end solution.
The all-in-one system combines the patented trevista® lighting approach with a powerful smart camera and the versatile evaluation software Coake® 7.

The compact unit includes everything that is needed for a professional application in an industrial environment. Camera, inspection software, and lighting unit are preconfigured and ready for quick commissioning. The tried and tested software environment Coake® 7 is used for evaluation, making all functions of the unit intuitively approachable. An inspection task can be realized within no time, which is why trevista® CAM is also an ideal entry-level system.

Shape from Shading: See What's Really There.

The trevista® process is based on a patented “shape from shading” technology, which means that information about the three-dimensional shape of an object can be obtained from the shading of surfaces. The surface to be tested is diffusely illuminated by means of a hemispherical scattering body. From several input images, a special algorithm calculates high-quality result images for the subsequent automatic evaluation.

Step by Step to the Perfect Image

The example of a washer shows how trevista® CAM works:
The slope images detect shape deviations with a preferred direction. The direction-independent integration image contains additional topographical information that can be used to detect protrusions and indentations.

The texture image identifies the brightness properties of the surface.
Typical applications are the reading of embossed codes on difficult surfaces or the detection of the subtlest defects on sophisticated components.

All Highlights at One Glance:

  • Unique trevista® image processing integrated by default
  • Ready to use with a minimum of engineering effort
  • Perfectly tuned hardware for optimum performance and image quality
  • Standardized interfaces for communication with higher-level control

  • Reliable detection of bad parts based on the topographical information down to the µm range
  • Minimized pseudo-reject rate
  • Suppression of brightness fluctuations and gloss effects
  • Intuitively operable Coake® 7 evaluation software with preset command set for individual inspection programs
  • Cost-effective all-in-one package – preconfigured and ready to use

Example Result Images