trevista® DOME

The intelligent illumination components of the trevista® product range enable surface inspection in a new dimension. The patented unit is based on a special Shape from Shading algorithm. With its unique technology, it is the reference for 2.5D inspection. trevista® DOME is perfectly suited for the automated inspection of technical and decorative surfaces in the industrial environment.

Thanks to the shape-from-shading technology, trevista® DOME “sees” more compared to classic image-processing inspection systems since it represents the surface shape of the inspection objects plastically and makes even defects in the micrometer range visible.

With its standardized illumination method, trevista® DOME can be used flexibly as a plug-and-play system for a multitude of tasks.

High inspection speed enables 100% inspection with a high parts throughput.

Shape from Shading: See What's Really There.

The trevista® process is based on a patented “shape from shading” technology, which means that information about the three-dimensional shape of an object can be obtained from the shading of surfaces. The surface to be tested is diffusely illuminated by means of a hemispherical scattering body. From several input images, a special algorithm calculates high-quality result images for the subsequent automatic evaluation.

The Image – The Basis for Every Successful Image Processing Solution

By combining the result images in different ways, the inspection objects can be checked reliably and flexibly for various defect characteristics.

All Highlights at One Glance

Seamless Integration

  • Perfect interaction of illumination unit, camera, and algorithm
  • Camera and resolution freely selectable
  • Compensation of inaccurate parts feed
  • Robust construction ­for integration in an industrial environment

Universal Application

  • The process is suitable for a multitude of materials; even shiny and curved surfaces can be inspected without effort.

Time and Cost Saving

  • Plug-and-play system for immediate use without elaborate lighting tests

trevista® Algorithm

  • Algorithmic functions available as DLL
  • Designed for multi-core computers for maximum performance
  • Especially powerful in combination with state-of-the-art hardware
  • Seamless integration into your production process
  • Objective image evaluation: reliable detection of bad parts based on the topographical information down to the µm range
  • Minimized pseudo-reject rate
  • 2.5D image representation with high z resolution
  • Suppression of brightness fluctuations and gloss effects
  • High inspection speed enables high parts throughput
  • Easy and quick operation thanks to easy and quick parameterization
  • Control of visible parts, continuous material, front surfaces, and moving components
  • Surface inspection of lateral surfaces – 360° control
  • Perfect for parts ranging from shiny components to diffusely scattering surfaces
  • Inspection even of curved surfaces
  • Procedure suitable for a multitude of materials

By Combining the Result Images in Different Ways, the Inspection Objects Can Be Checked Reliably and Flexibly for Various Defect Characteristics.