Coake® 7

From Feasibility Analysis to Solution with Drag and Drop

Coake® 7 is the modern machine vision operation environment. Feasibility analysis and project planning, image acquisition and creation of inspection programs, automatic inspection and statistical evaluation, or process analysis and documentation – Coake® 7 software supports you at every stage of your project.

Coake® 7 is a powerful machine vision solution platform that excels with highest performance even during complex tasks, seamless integration into your automation processes, and intuitive operability without any programming skills.

Coake® 7 is available as a free 31-day trial version. 


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The Highlights at a Glance:

  • Intuitive operability – configuring, not programming: Intuitive operation via drag & drop, whether teaching in the inspection commands or designing the GUI
  • Comprehensive functionality: 2D and 3D measuring, recognition of code, characters, and marks, surface inspection, robot vision – Coake® 7 offers you an abundance of powerful image processing tools for all tasks of machine vision.
  • Flexibility in production: Coake® 7 has been designed for optimum scalability. Operating multiple systems in a cluster or adding further systems at a later time are easily possible. New products can be taught in in an instant.
  • Safety and precision: Coake® 7 enables comprehensive monitoring of inspection equipment (calibration and inspection means monitoring, inspection capability monitoring, ...). Process fluctuations can be identified and localized reliably. Our software is designed for high system availability (little downtime) and high failure safety (UPS for controlled shutdown without data loss in case of power failure available).
  • One software for everything – Coake® supports the operator with all tasks in every area of machine vision. From the feasibility analysis and easy rapid prototyping to the finished solution you only need one software.
  • High compatibility and easy integration – Coake® 7 can be easily integrated into all conceivable control concepts. By supporting a multitude of fieldbus and I/O interfaces, flexible process integration is guaranteed. The exchange of image and control data with other software suites is also possible.
  • Extensibility – With the integrated SDK, the software can be extended in an instant. Embed your own commands, devices, surface elements, etc., or embed Coake® into your own software application.
  • Highest performance and stability – Best possible inspection cycle stability and low latencies ensure consistently high inspection performance. The advantages of modern multi-core processors are fully exploited. Multiple parallel processes and even images with a size of several hundred megapixels can be processed without any problems.
  • Future-proof thanks to the latest technology – Coake® 7 supports the latest cameras with a wide variety of interfaces. We offer an extensive range of 2D and 3D sensors. With its modern image processing algorithms and due to constant development and regular updates, Coake® 7 is the high-performance solution for all tasks of machine vision.
  • Comprehensive service and support by SAC – We are your strong partner for designing the inspection system and can support you with our longtime experience in system integration. But we're at your side even after that: We take on the product support for your end customers. In addition, our Machine Vision Campus offers training courses for diverse target audiences: MVC