Coake® CAM 2

The Intelligent Camera for Smart Solutions

A high-resolution camera and our powerful software Coake® 7 merge into a compact, smart problem solver.
The components are ideally matched and integrated completely.

With 5 MP and 163 fps, the camera is even suited for applications with high throughput.

The image-processing software Coake® 7 allows you to create inspection programs for image acquisition and analysis intuitively via drag & drop. The inspection results are forwarded to the PLC via an industrial standard interface.

The Product Highlights

  • High-resolution, robust industrial camera in a compact, space-saving format
  • Sophisticated image-processing software Coake® 7: full range of functions, freely configurable and extendable, easy operation thanks to drag & drop (no programming skills required)
  • Tailored especially to the requirements of an industrial environment
  • Easy integration into your production line thanks to standard-interface support (GigE, optionally ProfiNet and ProfiBus) and predefined communication modules
  • Unbeatable price-performance ratio
  • Maximum flexibility in configuring the measuring field and illuminating the inspection area. A wide choice of optics and illumination components is available optionally.

Coake® CAM 2 – Your Benefits in Detail

  • Compact unit – evaluation unit, image-processing software, industrial interface
  • Quick commissioning thanks to standard interfaces
  • Customer-specific solutions realized quickly and easily
  • Integrated image-processing software Coake® 7
  • The software is upgradable and extendable; custom evaluation tools can be integrated
  • Simple GUI creation, customer-specific labeling possible
  • Unbeatable price-performance ratio

  • Coake® CAM comes pre-installed and with a selection of inspection programs.
  • Fanless and robust construction enables installation near the production site.
  • Graphical development environment: The inspection program is created via drag & drop; no programming skills are required.
  • The tools and the efficient inspection algorithms are tailored to the requirements of automated 100% inspection.
  • A smart solution for everything: Image acquisition, evaluation unit, inspection program, and process communication
  • Unbeatable price-performance ratio

Areas of Application

Coake® CAM 2 is especially suitable for automated 100% control, such as