Rubber and Plastics

High part throughput, strong temperature fluctuations and particularly small test parts are examples of the challenges faced by quality control in the rubber and plastics manufacturing.

Typical inspection scenarios:

  • Contour testing, degree of injection
  • Complete molding (inference on temperature in the injection process possible)
  • Brightness and gloss classification (plastic must have certain color tone and gloss level)
  • Spacing inspection (in order to join elements together with an exact fit, precisely fitting lugs are required)
  • Surface inspection

SAC's inspection systems enable economical and objective inspection even with high part throughput and demanding components. Even complicated inspection tasks are reliably solved: On demanding materials, such as shiny surfaces, damage is detected down to the µm range and even complex geometries can be inspected inline, contact-free and 100% without any problems. The SAC inspection systems are precisely tailored to your production process, can be integrated quickly and are easy for the user to operate and understand. Pseudo rejects are reduced to a minimum, error slippage is avoided at the same time - thus ensuring highest quality.

The automated 100% inspection of your components ensures the optimization of your production process and reliable, defect-free products. So that our customers become excellent suppliers with noteworthy competitive advantages.

Manual sample inspection has long become dated in modern production. Today, components must be inspected fast (in time with the production), extremely precisely, and 100%. The use of automated machine-vision systems contributes significantly to constantly good product quality and a crucial reduction of inspection costs.

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