Pharma and Medical Technology

Strict rules and guidelines lead to high quality demands in the pharmaceutical and medical sectors because when it comes to the health and well-being of people, special standards must be met.

Perfect quality management is essential in pharma and medical technology. It is paramount that the inspection method meets the respective rules and guidelines.

Typical Inspection Scenarios:

  • Tablet packaging: braille reading, color-print control, inspection of labeling for traceability.
  • Package inserts: completeness, print-layout control
  • Tablet blisters: completeness, character recognition (batch number, expiration date), reading of barcode/data matrix code
  • Lancing devices (diabetes): measurement, presence, geometry
  • Sterile boxes: geometry, sealing lips

SAC inspection systems ensure a cost-efficient and objective inspection even with demanding surfaces and high part throughput. Even complicated inspection tasks are performed reliably: On sophisticated surfaces, defects in the µm range are detected and complex geometries can be inspected inline, contactless, and 100%. The inspection systems are tailored exactly to your production process. They can be quickly integrated and are easy to understand and operate. The pseudo-reject rate is reduced to a minimum while no defect is missed – this guarantees the highest quality. The systems are delivered with professional and comprehensive documentation. Of course we always make sure to meet the customer's requirements regarding the acceptance of the agreed performance of our systems. This includes measuring-equipment monitoring and, if necessary, an FMEA.

Manual sample inspection has long become dated in modern production. Today, components must be inspected fast (in time with the production), extremely precisely, and 100%. The use of automated machine-vision systems contributes significantly to constantly good product quality and a crucial reduction of inspection costs.

SAC Solutions