SAC Milestones


Neues Produkt: trevista® SWIFT

The trevista® sensor system is based on the patented shape-from-shading technology and is perfect for the inspection of technical and decorative surfaces in industrial environments.

Thanks to the integrated controller, trevista® SWIFT is particularly space-saving and can be easily integrated into existing production processes via the GigE interface. The compact unit is equipped with a 5MP high-speed camera (10GigE) plus lens and is ready for immediate use.

On April 20, SAC celebrates its 25th birthday.

We proudly look back on a quarter of a century of company history and would like to thank from the bottom of our hearts all those who have accompanied and supported us along the way so far: Thank you for your many years of loyalty, trust in us, and good cooperation.

New Product: Coake® CAM

The Intelligent Camera for Smart Solutions: A high-resolution camera and our powerful software Coake® 7 merge into a compact, smart problem solver.

New Produkt: trevista® FLAT

In October 2019, we officially launched the latest product from the trevista® family: trevista® FLAT, the intelligent illumination unit with integrated controller. The powerful trevista® FLAT takes the trevista® dome geometry and reduces it to a flat and compact format. It is ideally suited for reliable 100% surface inspection.

By supervising new bachelor and master theses and creating new positions for working students, SAC intensifies research into current machine vision trends such as deep learning or industry 4.0.

Complete relaunch of the SAC website with modern design and new functionality.

Presentation of the innovative 3D video microscope maXee® 3D – the first digital microscope for no-latency 3D viewing, for ergonomic and precise inspection or manufacturing.

Presentation of trevista® CAM, the intelligent camera for Shape from Shading.

As a core working group member of the VDMA OPC Vision Initiative, SAC actively shapes the future of the machine vision industry on its way to “Industry 4.0”.

Release of trevista® 4 – 4th generation Shape from Shading technology: enormous performance boost, much more compact design, smart controller – Industry 4.0 - ready.

Merging the Neureut and Ispringen locations in common premises in the RaumFabrik in Karlsruhe-Durlach.

Acquisition of the trevista® business unit and foundation of the new Machine Vision Campus (MVC) division.

Release of our new software generation Coake® 7 with lots of new features.

After the successful introduction of the 3D plug control, SAC extends its range with the 3D coplanarity checking. Delivery of the first 3D sensor heads for measurements in space that are accurate to the µm.

SAC presents the 3D plug control with Pulsar. With a new exhibit, this method is also demonstrated at trade fairs.

New development in the field of 3D-control: the 3D fringe projection method.

New development in the field of surface inspection: Our standardized inspection system for the toothing inspection.

Presentation of the high-end compact system VisionLux.

The foundation of SAC Nederland strengthens our position as one of the leading image processing companies in the field of surface inspection.

Development of the world's first inline camera on the base of FireWire technology.

Presentation of the modular system VisionLine.

Start of the compact series VisionCube.

Foundation of the ACC Advanced Camera Components GmbH.

Together with Sony, SAC develops drivers for the standardization of FireWire technology in the field of machine vision.

Company foundation: start of the success story of our image processing interpreter Coake®.