Welcome trevista® FLAT

On this year's “Tech Day” on October 11, 2019, we officially launched the latest product from the trevista® family: trevista® FLAT, the intelligent illumination unit with integrated controller.  

The powerful trevista® FLAT takes the trevista® dome geometry and reduces it to a flat and compact format. It is ideally suited for reliable 100% surface inspection.

Thanks to highest flexibility and easy integration in production processes, you can realize the perfect solution for your inspection task in an instant with trevista® FLAT – all at an unbeatable price.

Your advantages at one glance:

  • Reliable detection of bad parts based on the topographical information down to the μm range
  • Minimized pseudo-reject rate
  • Suppression of brightness fluctuations and gloss effects
  • Large working distance
  • Simple and quick integration into production processes without burdensome parameterization
  • Inspection of stationary objects and moving parts

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