Tap the Third Dimension with Our Innovative Video Microscope.

maXee® 3D

Relaxed working with a free view of brilliant 3D images – perfect ergonomics for your quality inspection and manufacturing.

Magnifying spectacles and stereo microscopes in various shapes are an inherent part of quality management and are used to support filigree precision work. However, digitalization has entered this area of expertise, too. Digital video inspection systems are on the rise – especially thanks to the significantly better ergonomics. The days of tensely “pressing the eyes on the eyepiece” or a crooked working posture are over. Welcome relaxed working in a seated position in front of the monitor. The live image is captured by a digital camera and then magnified and displayed on a monitor.

Image capturing and monitor display have been confined to the 2nd dimension up to now. Therefore, precision work under the camera that requires spatial coordination or the assessment of topographical structures and defects are hardly possible. A few PC-based systems have been released, but their problem is that the combination of PC and monitor makes only a delayed representation of the camera image possible. You can't work precisely and swiftly below the camera with these systems.

At Control 2017, we launched the digital 3D video inspection system maXee® 3D, which has the solution to these problems. The compact system does not need a PC. The image is displayed with no latency in brilliant 3D quality.
Super-easy handling and amply dimensioned free working space enable relaxed working with a free view of the monitor. This is ideal for all industries in which precision work or high-throughput visual inspection tasks are performed at manual work stations.

One of the key features of maXee® 3D beside ergonomics is the possibility to freeze and save the monitor image at the push of a button at any time so it can be used for further procession or documentation purposes. This makes it possible to easily and quickly document work results, comment on images, and forward them to a PC, to the network, or to the internet.

maXee® closes the 3D gap in the field of digital video microscopy.