Solution Pattern

for the Automated 100% Inspection of Functional Surfaces

Large-scale producers of components have been confronted with increasing quality requirements for years, while the price for the components has been going down. Machine vision can contribute to mastering this balancing act. Especially when it comes to components with functional surfaces, machine vision enables cost-effective and objective inspection, replacing tedious and error-prone visual inspection by hand.

Many requirements have to be met to get to the perfect surface inspection solution that guarantees productivity and component quality: A requirements specification should exactly define requirements, error descriptions, pseudo rejection, etc., while the flexibility and usability of the system must be considered, too. This guarantees easy integration into production systems and optimum user experience.

Depending on the situation, getting to the solution can be a complex and time-consuming task that requires a certain experience from the application engineer.

The Solution Pattern

The Solution Pattern is a standardized Machine Vision solution, a template that can be easily adapted to new surface inspection tasks. The use of a solution pattern enables us to realize surface inspection tasks professionally. It can be parameterized and configured easily and quickly – time-consuming programming becomes redundant.

Especially in the automotive sector, components must meet the highest safety standards. The inspection must be individually configured for different inspection areas during production. Certain defect types, such as clusters, shrinkage cavities, or scratches, which compromise the functionality of a component must be individually configurable according to the requirements.

The solution pattern is especially aimed at integrators whose resources are limited and who want to profit from the combination of the latest technology and decades of experience in surface inspection. Of course it is also perfectly suited to be integrated into the production systems of end customers.

The implementation of the solution pattern into the SAC products enables the perfect interaction of hardware and software, offering the perfect solution to even the most difficult surface inspection tasks.

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