Reliable 100% Surface Control in the Twinkling of an Eye

The compact unit trevista® CAM closes the gap between simple applications for intelligent cameras and demanding surface inspection tasks. Based on the tried and tested trevista® illumination concept, the combination of a high-performance smart camera and the evaluation software Coake® 7 enables you to realize a reliable 100% surface control in no time.

The 2.5D trevista® technology is virtually predestined for a universal inspection approach with “ready-to-use” claim. The splitting of brightness and topography information into several result images that can be evaluated separately enables the fast and reliable detection of even the finest defect characteristics via special evaluation algorithms and inspection commands. The main focus lies on minimizing the pseudo-reject rate.


The compact unit has everything that is needed for simple surface inspection. Camera, inspection software, and lighting unit are preconfigured and ready for quick commissioning. The tried and tested software environment Coake® 7 is used for evaluation, making all functions of the unit intuitively approachable. An inspection task can be realized within no time, which is why trevista® CAM is also an ideal entry-level system. Typical applications are the reading of embossed codes on difficult surfaces or the detection of the subtlest defects on sophisticated components.


Use more than 10 years of trevista® experience for the professional implementation of your surface inspection task in the industrial environment.

SAC – “Machine Vision for Industry”