Pulsar Connector Inspector

The position and shape of the pins is paramount for the full functionality of a connector. Deviations may lead to difficulties in connecting the connector and – especially during operation – to interruptions of the electrical contact. That's why it is essential to inspect the exact positions of the pins in the connector precisely and 100% thoroughly.

Based on the principle of structured-light projection, Pulsar circumvents the weaknesses of the light-section method. Pulsar “Connector Inspector” contains an intelligent evaluation logic that determines the measurement variables for the assessment of the pins from the 3D data.  

These include:

  • Wobble circle (lateral deflection of the pins)
  • Seating depth (Height pin end <-> reference plane)

The graphical teach-in tool enables you to adjust the system to new types or to change the inspection tolerances in an instant. Of course, all measured values can be logged and statistically evaluated. This makes the production process transparent, and process fluctuations can be identified and localized quickly, making costly serial defects a thing of the past. 

Main Advantages:

  • Pulsar “Connector Inspector” enables contactless and precise measurement of the pin position in all three dimensions and thus represents the perfect solution for a quick, automated 100% control of plug pins.
  • Extremely high measurement accuracy in the µm range
  • High parts throughput thanks to swift image capture
  • High-performance image-processing software based on Coake® 7 – Special command set “CONNECTOR INSPECTION”: The software module is designed specifically for pin inspection and enables professional, automated 100% inspection.
  • Flexible system, variable object field
  • The arrangement of the transmitter and the camera can be easily adjusted according to the customer's requirements so that even unfavorable plug geometries (accessibility) can be reliably checked.
  • Special user interface including article management