Perfect Match: 3D Bundle Unites Coake® 7 and ECCO Sensor

Discover the carefree all-in-one package for professional 3D image processing: Measurement, inspection, or robot guidance - the perfectly synchronized plug & play system enables you to tackle all your tasks efficiently.

The innovative unit includes a combination of state-of-the-art products from the high-tech companies SmartRay and SAC: The leading laser triangulation sensors of the ECCO family are combined with the powerful Coake® 7 software platform and the compact image-processing computer VisionCube.

The system is immediately ready for operation. Based on the sample programs included, a first application can be run within a few minutes.

Main Advantages:

  • Ready to use: All-in-one system for quick and professional access to 3D image processing
  • Flexibility: Sensor selection based on the SmartRay product range. Guarantees the perfect adaptability to your task.
  • Precision: Measurement of height and contour with μm accuracy
  • Expandability: Robust and fanless computer unit with connections for additional GigE cameras and periphery
  • Simplicity: Graphical development environment: The inspection program is created via drag & drop; no programming language is required. 3D image data are available in 2D layers: texture, range map, etc. Thus, all tools of classic 2D image processing can be used.
  • Performance: Hardware and software are especially designed for the high inspection speeds in the industrial environment.