New Coake® Version 7.4.2 Released

This release introduces some major features and improvements in the use of Coake®. First and foremost is the new inspection technology, which now contains functions more typically found in a QA software or in MES systems. With the new product management, product-dependent tasks and parameters can now be defined and managed. From single-camera solutions to concurrent multi-station systems (e.g. sorting systems), many conceivable configurations can be implemented in the usual way using the on-board tools. In addition, the existing real-time statistics were supplemented by persistent inspection job statistics. All inspection-relevant information on the parts is collected in a database and is available at any time for graphical analysis (e.g. via error collection list, measured value or XBarS graph) or for export to other systems. For this purpose, the inspection specification now supports not only measuring, quantitative inspection features but also testing, qualitative inspection features. All these functions are implemented with minimal influence on the inspection performance, so that, for example, systems with 50 inspection features per part and over 1000 parts per minute are possible without restriction.

For the calibration of cameras in world coordinates, there is now a simple, intuitive tool which, with a special calibration pattern generated with the new calibration target generator included, also allows homogeneous images (perspective).

System events are now persistently stored in the new event viewer and are therefore not lost after a restart of Coake®. In addition, a user can now write messages to the event viewer with the new “Record event” command, which can greatly simplify troubleshooting in Coake® programs (even in production mode).

The following are the major changes in detail: 

1. New Inspection

Inspection technology in Coake® has undergone a major change. This offers fundamental improvements in terms of user experience and functions. You can find them in the menu at Settings/Inspection. A new example program, “InspectionExample”, which shows the basic structure and its application, has also been provided.  



2. Camera Calibration

A new camera calibration tool has been added. In conjunction with the new Coake® calibration target generator, the calibration of cameras is greatly simplified. 


3. Event Viewer

The new event viewer saves system events permanently, which above all improves the diagnostic possibilities in the event of an error. It can also be filtered and exported. This exported file can be loaded and then analyzed outside of Coake® using the new Coake® event viewer program. 


4. Simplified Adding of Tools

The addition of tools in Coake® has been made clearer. Finding the desired tool should now be much easier. 


Beside these most important new features, the update of course contains numerous other new features, improvements, and bugfixes that make it even easier to use Coake® 7.

Find further information on Coake® 7 here.