New Coake® Version 7.4.1 Released

With the latest update of our image processing software Coake® 7 the focus is on the improved camera connection.

Improved Connection of GigE Vision Cameras:

  • New camera profiles covering different scenarios (standard or trevista®)
  • Automatic white balance for color cameras
  • I/O ports of the camera writable and readable like classic I/O devices
  • Each device in the device manager can now be simply reset to its initial state

Automatic repair: Environments and projects are now automatically repaired in case of a faulty exit.

Optimization for trevista ® SWIFT: The circular-path motion compensation has been further improved, making trevista® SWIFT in combination with Coake® 7.4.1 the ideal solution for glass turntable inspection tasks.

Development tools: The internal development platform has been updated to Visual Studio 2019 with this release. This ensures agile development with state-of-the-art resources.

Beside these most important new features, the update of course contains numerous other new features, improvements, and bugfixes that make it even easier to use Coake® 7.

Find further information on Coake® 7 here