New Coake® Version 7.3.1 Released

Our image-processing software Coake® 7 received some new features for digital communication with the recent update to version 7.3.1. The most important new features are:

  • New extension UDP DIO device: With this extension, it is possible to interconnect digital inputs and outputs via IP-based LAN and to exchange information via the “User Datagram Protocol” (UDP).
  • New command group Handshake: A simple standard IO handshake that suits all I/O devices has been implemented. Handshake, in this case, denotes the procedure that the programmable logic controller (PLC) and the machine vision software (MV) perform to synchronize their interactions for image acquisition and image processing.  

Beside these most important new features, the update contains of course numerous other new features, improvements, and bugfixes that make it even easier to use Coake® 7.

undefinedFig.: Temporal sequence of a standard IO handshake cycle

Find further information on Coake® 7 here.