New Coake® Version 7.3.3 Released

The latest version 7.3.3 of our machine vision software Coake® 7 features several innovations and improvements:

  • Live language switching and new languages: You can now switch between languages during runtime without having to restart Coake®. Beside German and English, the following new languages have been added: simplified Chinese, Spanish, French, Italian, and Russian.
  • trevista® FLAT: Our latest product, trevista® FLAT, the intelligent illumination unit with integrated controller, is now completely integrated in Coake®.
  • New commands: Count circular and Count linear as well as a new command for linear motion compensation with trevista® SURFACE have been added.
  • Driver updates: New drivers for SmartRay, Kithara, and Silicon Software (supports the new CameraLink card microEnable 5 marathon).

Beside these most important new features, the update of course contains numerous other new features, improvements, and bugfixes that make it even easier to use Coake® 7. 

Find further information on Coake® 7 here.