MeshExpert: High-Resolution Inspection of Sieve Fabric

Technical, medical, and other special fabrics must meet high quality standards. Manufacturers must be able to prove that the fabrics exactly meet the requirements.

With MeshExpert, SAC introduces a new all-in-one system for the inspection of the meshes of sieve fabric.

The system is designed for use at a manual workstation. The core elements of the system are the meshmeter (measuring head), which contains the optics, the camera, and the lighting, and the evaluation unit with the inspection software Coake® 7.

The lighting concept is based on transmitted light. The measuring head is portable and has a foot so it can be positioned levelly. High-resolution telecentric lenses in the measuring heads enable measuring accuracy in the µm range.

The sample measurement is easily triggered at the touch of a button.


The inspection of the meshes is DIN/ISO-compliant. Nominal values and tolerances can be set by the customer.

The following characteristics are inspected both in warp and woof direction of sieve fabric: 

  • Diameter of the strings
  • Mesh size
  • Number of strings
  • Open area

With Coake® 7, the measured data are evaluated immediately and documented in individually customizable measurement protocols.

Thanks to the comprehensive configuration options of Coake® 7, even complicated fabric types such as leno or twill weave can be inspected.