Solving Challenges in Surface Inspection

The intelligent illumination components of the trevista® product family enable surface inspection in a new dimension.

Unlike conventional image processing systems, trevista® provides information about the three-dimensional shape of an object thanks to patented shape-from-shading technology. Local elevations and depressions can be distinguished in fractions of a second. As a result, even challenging surfaces can be accurately evaluated. 

Versatile combinations of result images allow inspection parts to be reliably and flexibly inspected for a wide variety of defect characteristics. The generated result image material provides the image information in a topography channel and a brightness channel. Depending on the defect category, these can be used individually or in combination for evaluation.

The following example shows the image of a lens cap.

Challenge: Inspection of black writing on black plastic

Solution: The surface incl. writing can be reliably evaluated via the trevista curvature image.


The next example shows the bottom of a plastic can.

Challenge: Evaluation of embossed symbols on plastic surface.

Solution: The symbols can be fully recognized and evaluated via the integration image.


The trevista® product family includes several trevista® systems for different use cases:

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